As well as in the past EVENT VISION conference is going to bring you many Czech and international speakers which are going to talk about current event marketing topics. Which topics you ask? There is probably no bigger question mark in our industry than Events in metaverse. Are they a threat to the organizers or an opportunity? Should event agencies be scared that they will miss out? Is there such a thing as Sustainable event? Does event with 0 carbon mark exist? If so, how should it look? How does renowned world brands use live marketing? Is there a difference between progressive telecommunication company, reputable automotive brand and one of the world’s biggest cosmetic companies? Is there any brand shaking the world of sport events more than Oktagon MMA? How do you build sports project that continually lures hundreds of thousands of spectators from scratch?


Aragorn Meulendijsks a.k.a. Mr Metaverse

ItsMrMetaverse, Metaverse Evangelist

Futurist, Explorer and early adopter passionate about Technology, Psychology, and the Humanities. Aragorn spends his time dreaming and talking about Blockchain, AI, XR, Transhumanism, and the Metaverse and how they will change civilization as we know it.A LinkedIn Alumni with over a decade and a half in tech sales & marketing and a former public speaking coach, once known as the Social Selling Doctor, Aragorn has an extensive career and has already lived many lives. All of it has prepared him for this moment as we enter a new Age, a virtual age, the age of the Metaverse. In 2022, together with Jeroen Elout, he founded ItsMrMetaverse to help businesses understand the technologies and opportunities the Metaverse presents through Keynotes, Consulting, and the Metacademy, a suite of interactive learning sessions to help understand and implement actual, practical applications of Metaverse Tech today.

Kuba Piotrowski

Global conference & Event Manager, Oriflame

Creative manager with 15+ years’ experience in event production and management spanning across cosmetic, automotive, real-estate and entertainment industries as well as including work for governmental institutions. At Oriflame since 2014, he has successfully managed projects in Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, the US, South East Asia and the Middle East. Kuba also serves as a Board Member on Global DMC Partners’ 2019 Customer Advisory Board. He will talk about how to make events more climate smart and sustainable in large organizations like Orifame.

Jens Oliver Mayer

Managing Director at Jack Morton Worldwide

Jens built his career on creating strong bonds for brands in the field of live and digital marketing. He leads all German speaking offices of Jack Morton and works with clients like Samsung, Novartis, SABIC and leading automotive brands. During his time at IVBC his portfolio included clients such as Accenture, BMW, KPMG, Dell, Intel, Esprit, Hugo Boss or IKEA.

Michal Pavel

Event director OKTAGON MMA

Michal is an event director of OKTAGON MMA. Since 2018 is participating in developing this extraordinary sports phenomenon which is continually watched by hundreds of thousands spectators. His motto is “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” One of his past jobs included leading marketing of the Country Life brand.

Magda Partyka

Senior PR Manager at OPPO for European region

Multilingual communications professional with experience in media relations, government relations and public affairs. Strong understanding of Central/Eastern/Western European ICT and telecoms industry, China expert, fluent in English, Czech and Polish.

Kateřina Vaňková Jouglíčková

Public Relations & Corporate Events Manager, KIA CZECH

Kateřina is a holder of the prestigious award PR manager of the year. Since 2014 Kateřina is a PR & Event manager of KIA CZECH s.r.o. where she is managing the communications between importers and dealers with ease. Her past experiences include 9 years in a senior PR position at Toyota and two years as PR manager in the renowned Havas agency. It makes her one of the biggest experts in the field of PR with 22 years of experience thus far.

Eva Šálková

Head of Events, CIRA Advisory

Eva has dedicated herself to event management and project management for more than thirteen years. Few years later she decided to gain more experience abroad, specifically in the UK, where she got into contact with the term sustainable events. In the last years she was in charge of creating event strategies for multiple companies and their production including execution, communication and event marketing. Right now she leads the event division in CIRA Advisory and she is in charge of creating sustainable event strategy, event content and consultations in which she educates clients in the area of sustainability and helps them with organizing sustainable events. She is also a tutor in Strážce planety (Guardian of the planet) program focused on preschool and elementary school kids, where she educates the youth about environmentalism.

David Mařák

CTO and Co-founder, YORD

David Mařák, CTO and co-founder of YORD. YORD is a global-creative XR studio led by a World Class Design and Development team based in Prague. YORD offers VR, AR, and Metaverse solutions, specializes in the most complex interactive projects, builds high-end immersive experiences, and develops its own products with services to enterprise and government clients worldwide.

Jakub Vedral

Jednatel / Režisér, Art Prom

Jakub Vedral is theatre producer and event director, who has been trying to balance between rational, economic and art visionary worlds for over 20 years. His works includes for example street theatre festival Za dveřmi, Art Parking project, he produces and co-authors V.O.S.A. Theatre performances, he produced an accompanying program for the Czech exhibition at EXPO in Shanghai, Milano and now he began preparing for Dubai. He is an author and producer of Obří Loutky performance which was peak of Plzeň EHMK project. Jakub has hundreds of event director experiences to his name including sold-out O2 Arena. He represents AND ČR in the ITI.

Matúš Izakovič

Head of Team, Opium.systems

Technology innovator, a head of team tasked with developing software, digitalization, artificial intelligence, metaverse and custom IT solutions for either big or small companies. Matúš is in the IT business for over 16 years and applies his experiences in online voting systems, robotization and automation, virtual reality, records and IoT digitalization. In his presentation you will find out how his team at Opium.systems produced the first metaverse event for the biggest slovakian bank utilizing holoportation of artists, artificial intelligence and creative approach in metaverse content creation. Matúš is going to share with us how to impress the younger generation with unique program in VR. We will look into the program of successful metaverse event and in presentation from the creators we will look into technical tricks and know-how for organizations that are thinking about creating successful metaverse events.

Petra Dolejšová


Petra Dolejšová is an attorney with specialization in e-commerce, marketing, GDPR and brand law. She often and happily shares her know-how on workshops and training courses where she tries to leave out paragraphs and shares her first hand experiences instead with humor and ease. She doesn’t want to believe her listeners when they say that they want a “law encore”.


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